Case Study

MisterDirect Comedy & Marklyn Speaks

Marklyn Johnson a.k.a MisterDirect is located in Scotch Plains, NJ, but travels the world with his stand-up comedy and public speaking. He came to D2 Creative Studio to help his brand have a place on the web where he could send potential customers that showcases his talents. He had no web presence other than Facebook and Instagram.

I took his existing logo and created a web site that matched it’s look and feel. Marklyn wanted a bold website that would stand out among other stand-up comedians and a place to showcase his books, some videos, and pictures.

I used the colors from his already bold logo and ran with it. It was a fun experience to create this visually appealing website. And Marklyn loved it so much he had us create a separate site for his public speaking.

This site has a completely different feel from the other. This site was designed to show of Marklyn’s more professional side with many of his clients being businesses and schools. He wanted to showcase his talents as a motivational public speaker. Using the color from his existing logo, we created a more professional looking website that explains all of the areas that his offers his services.

Full websites are available at and

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